Pain, Pan, 面包, Pão

2021.11.27 – 2022.1.30

Mark Nader

    Press Release

    HABITAT is pleased to announce its upcoming solo exhibition of the artist Mark Nader – “Pain, Pan, 面包, Pão” which will open on November 27. The exhibition will present three series of works created by the artist in recent years. Mark Nader was born in UK, with a mixed background of UK, Lebanon and Mexico. Due to the complicacy of his identity, he is deeply interested in the cultural hybridity in the process of globalization, especially the role of food as a product of cultural fusion. How we represent and place identity today, with the complexities of migration, trade, theft, and origins are all wrapped up in food. The artist brings iconographies, landscape and food into a collaged mismatch, allowing us to find familiarity at a time when we are questioning identities and unravelling our complex global pasts.


    The Miracles of Marzipan 23

    Mark Nader
    Gouache Paint on Archival Print
    15.5 x 18.5cm

    Pain, Pan, Pão series (from 1-6)

    Mark Nader
    Oil on Canvas
    80 x 95cm

    Ice Gems

    Mark Nader
    Gouache on Paper
    50 x 35cm

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