Uncommon Common Life

2021.8.15 – 2021.9.19

Hu Shu, Ji Ye, Liu Zhixing, Lv Huiyao, Xiao Qiao, Yang Yang, Zeng Zhaohua

    Press Release

    HABITAT is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition “Uncommon Common Life” which will open on August 15. The exhibition gathers the works of seven emerging Chinese artists HU Shu, JI Ye, LIU Zhixing, LV Huiyao, XIAO Qiao, YANG Yang and ZENG Zhaohua.

    Pearled pines, unrotten fruits, floating bushes, cakes for viewing… By deconstructing and collaging daily life subjects or visualizing far-fetched fantasies, the post-80s and post-90s artists try to explore the poetry of the ordinary in quiet and unreal scenes.


    Pure Sense Form – 4

    HU Shu
    Acrylic on Wood Panel
    15 x 25 cm


    Liu Zhixing
    Oil Painting Stick on Paper
    29.5 × 21 cm

    Just Suck It – No.00 Contestant

    Yang Yang
    Acrylic on canvas
    30 x 50 cm

    Cut Cake

    Xiao Qiao
    Acrylic on canvas
    120 × 120 cm

    The Wind Rises

    Ji Ye
    Acrylic/3D Printed Resin on Wood Panel
    18 × 14 × 12 cm

    Tea Cup and Landscape in Chromatic Frame

    Lv Huiyao
    Tempera on Wood
    25 × 30 cm


    Zeng Zhaohua
    Collage on paper
    36.5 × 44 cm(Frame Size)

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