Zhang Hui was born in 1967 in Heilongjiang Province, he graduated in 1991 from the Central Academy of Drama and currently lives and works in Beijing. In his early explorations, Zhan Hui developed an artistic creativity focused on action and installation, which his later practice centering on explorations into multimedia theatrical performance. He is an important member of the post-sensibility group active in the late 1990s early 2000s in the Chinese contemporary art world, after which in 2004 he founded the Odd Phenomena Group.


    Beginning with the solo-show “In These Parts” at Long March Space in 2006, Zhang Hui’s concentration has shifted to a painting practice. His works conceal eminently readable and bewitching theatricality within them, simultaneously profoundly rethinking the truth and uniqueness of known reality, striving to expand the structure behind real events and their images. Zhang Hui searches for the space where reality and the subconscious, the normal and the abnormal interact. In his recent work, Zhang continues his performative exploration of duration and its relationship to ideas of time and space through an investigation of painting. Zhang’s subjects move from the rituals of banality which are anchored in everyday life, to the quest for an alternative dimension – two primary components of this artist’s evocative dramas. His gestural surfaces scale the human on a spiritual and psychological level, employing elements of the theatrical (through color and scale) to create a dreamscape whereby his subject’s vulnerability is exposed to the viewer, floating amid the landscape.



    Zhang Hui
    Watercolor / acrylic on paper
    Variable dimensions, 20 pieces


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