Yui UCHIDA was born in 1988. She is based in Tokyo, Japan. Inspired by cel painting that made up the animation of the past, Yui paints artworks on transparent materials. Since she was watching TV animation at an early age, she has had a sense of familiarity with cels. Yui tries to extend from “cel painting” to contemporary art, and she’s raising the issue the boundaries between “viewer” and “the other side of the picture” the mobility / time of the drawn image, (Fiction and reality) / distance, by using the characteristics of the transparent canvas (Acrylic plate,Polyester film). Her works have been exhibited many times in Japan and France.


    Scene:913 Gaze Ⅱ

    Yui UCHIDA
    Scene:913 Gaze Ⅱ
    Wood Panel, Paper, Acrylic on Polyester Film, Acrylic Box Frame

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