HU Shu (b.1990, Sichuan, China) graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Arts in 2013; graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts with a master’s degree in 2019; now based in Kunming. An art creator that doesn’t set boundaries, with a style of art constantly shifting between artistic and commercial. His works were shown in Beijing and Paris many times.


    Pure Sense Form – 4

    HU Shu
    Acrylic on Wood Panel
    15 x 25 cm


    Uncommon Common Life

    2021.8.15 – 2021.9.19

    Hu Shu, Ji Ye, Liu Zhixing, Lv Huiyao, Xiao Qiao, Yang Yang, Zeng Zhaohua

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